How to: Peerbox Support Thread (Updated to v0.6.1)


@peerchemist There is a bug in your description. In step 4 it should say peerbox --help not peerbox -help. Please correct that.


I apologize if this is a noob question, but I’m unclear what the TOR node included in peer box can be used for. Is there a way we can connect to TOR through our nodes?


@MrControl: The Tor network will be used to obfuscate your node. Nothing more.


Or add the option -help.


Hello @peerchemist,

Thank you so much for what you’ve done with Peerbox for Peercoin community.
I’m glad to support Peercoin ledger with some coins but I can’t find any wallet.dat file to backup my access to these coins.

I didn’t find any wallet.dat. There is no ppcoin or peerbox folder on this path : /var/lib/

Where can I find this wallet.dat file ?

Best Regards,


Wallet.dat file is located in ~/.ppcoin directory. Under “pi” user. Peerbox does not do anything in /var/lib.


Hi @peerchemist !

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I didn’t find any Wallet.dat file on this path /home/jeanpic/.ppcoin/


Your user seems to be “jeanpic”.

ls -lah /home/jeanpic/.ppcoin


I’ve found the wallet.dat file in /home/pi/.ppcoin/ folder. Thank you very much


0.6.5 released

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Just a bugfix release.


And restart Peerbox?


You don’t have to.


Hi @peerchemist ! Why the peerbox CLI client don’t let me send a fraction of PPC?. Let’s say that I want to transfer 0.6 PPC from the peerbox “local” wallet to another wallet, the client says that it is expecting an integer value.

Here is the message:

pi@Raspberry:~ $ peerbox -send [wallet address] 0.58
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/peerbox", line 468, in <module>
print(send(args.send[0], args.send[1]))
File "/usr/bin/peerbox", line 312, in send
return node.sendtoaddress(str(address), int(amount), str(comment))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '0.58'

I think it should expect a float value. Thanks in advance and sorry about any misspellings.


Seems to be a bug in the Peerbox-python code. Because the contrib/debian/manpages/bitcoind.1:189 says:

Sends amount from the server's available balance to 'bitcoinaddress'. amount is a real and is rounded to the nearest 0.01.

(well, it should say Peercoin address, but this seems to be only a forgotten translation from Bitcoin to Peercoin)

But then src/rpcwallet.cpp:265 says:

"<amount> is a real and is rounded to the nearest 0.000001"

So, how is it or should it be rounded now?

And src/bitcoinrpc.cpp:1437 says:

if (strMethod == "sendtoaddress"          && n > 1) ConvertTo<double>(params[1]);

Not a real, but a double, aha.

But finally Peerbox/bin/peerbox:312 says:

return node.sendtoaddress(str(address), int(amount), str(comment))

int(amount)! That seems to be the bug. But maybe it could also help to clarify, if it is rounded to the nearest 0.01 or to the nearest 0.000001. Should be fixed in the source (although only comments and manpages).


@peerchemist Please have a look at this. I have no more time till end of august to do this.


OK seems easy enough, I’ll handle it.


Thanks, guys! I’ll keep up for any news about this bug.



I’m not sure whether it is the right thread to post this topic here, but imo I think it is related to the setup/configuration procedure of peerbox, so I think it should be ok.

My Pi-Peerbox is already running for two weeks and everything seems to be ok so far. Today I was checking the raspbian syslog file and found the following entry:

ppcoind[2202]: connect: Connection refused

This message is shown in the log every 20 minutes. Can somebody tell me what causes this message and how to solve the issue?

peerbox version 0.6.5
ppcoind version 0.5.4.-ge8ce593-Peerbox

Thanks in advance for any advice


Running a node, I’ve been giving some thought to privacy issues and have been trying to spoof my IP address which is currently out there for all to see. I’d prefer to remove my visible associations with anything crypto. With the current value of PPC this not such a big issue, but that could change when PPC is suddenly worth 100’s of lupens. We don’t want to see our nodes getting paranoid like me and dropping away due to a sense of insecurity.
Have been trying to run Peerbox through a VPN, but so far am unable to obtain more than 8 connections. Is the VPN approach even doable? Are there any viable solutions?
Comments & suggestions welcome.


you know about the -tor option of peerbox?