How to: Peerbox Support Thread (Updated to v0.6.1)


Can we run a full node when using Tor proxy mode? Some reason the number of connections is stuck at 8.


Try restarting, it should get more than 8 connections.


When i try to start Peerbox with the command peerbox -start I get this Error:

[details=Error]> Starting Peerbox…

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/peerbox”, line 404, in
node = Client(testnet=False)
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/peercoin_rpc/”, line 32, in init
self.username, self.password = self.userpass() ## try to read from ~/.ppcoin
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/peercoin_rpc/”, line 52, in userpass
with open(’/home/{0}/.ppcoin/ppcoin.conf’.format(getpass.getuser()), ‘r’) as conf:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/root/.ppcoin/ppcoin.conf’[/details]

The ppcoin.conf file is in /home/pi/... and not /home/root/.... Where can i change the setting that it looks in the right directory?


ppcoin.conf needs to be in /home/pi/.ppcoin
Peerbox runs as pi user by default.


I’m using the graphical type. When Peercoin-qt was running i couldn’t run anything in a terminal.

[details=Terminal without sudo]peerbox -start just showed Starting Peerbox...
after that the command peerbox -info (and any other command) showed
Peerbox is not running. Please start Peerbox with "peerbox -start"[/details]

It works without the Peercoin-qt now. Is there a way to start minting with it?


I know it works with any pi, but which is recommended?


I just realized that the autostart doesn’t work correctly. If i try : peerbox -autostart it gives me an error. What is the correct command?


2 or 3 for better performance.


What is the error you get?


I am not able to get more then 8 connections.
I think I setup port forwarding correctly (but not sure) on my router:
I made an entry on de 'virtual server list":

  • name: ppcoin (doesn’t matter I guess?)
  • WAN port: 9901
  • LAN IP Address : my local IP adres op my Raspberry PI (192.168…etc)
  • LAN port : 9901
  • Protocol: TCP

I did a check on
(IP adres port 9901) but it says that the Port 9901 is closed on

But when I look in the debug.log I see succesfull connection on port 9901:

trying connection lastseen=-15.6hrs
Added time data, samples 11, offset -1 (+0 minutes)
nTimeOffset = +0 (+0 minutes)
Moving to tried
version message: version 60006, blocks=300760
Added 438 addresses from 28 tried, 9687 new
Added 464 addresses from 28 tried, 9671 new
Added 215 addresses from 28 tried, 9651 new
received getdata for: block 20763cc2f12cc38a3697
askfor tx e2132163d2cbd7bb3b99 0
sending getdata: tx e2132163d2cbd7bb3b99

I could use some help…


Sometimes some routers just wont cooperate. Keep trying though.
Unplug Raspberry, reset router then plug Raspberry back in.


Hi. Need some help here. I’m using peerbox in my new raspberry. I have successfully imported the wallet, because when type “peerbox -rescan” it shows all the receiving address I have with the balances.
However, when I type in “peerbox -info”, it says 0 balance / zero balance.
What should I do in this situation?


You are running it as root, do not run it as root.


Do we need to open port 9050 on firewall router if running peerbox with tor? Still stuck at 8 connections, only 9901 is open. Though I can verify I can establish a network connection to the public ip + 9901 from outside the network.


No, you do not have to do it. I am not sure why ppcoind sometimes can’t get more than 8 connections via Tor.


I see quite a lot of the following messages in tor log, maybe there is a config that can be tweaked?

[notice] Tried for 125 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:9901. Giving up.


Maybe the port 9901 is being blocked by many exit nodes? Maybe we can somehow try mapping it to port 80?

[debug] circuit_remove_handled_ports(): Port 9901 is not handled.

It seems tor even recommends a reduced exit policy which blocks many ports including 9901.


Certain coin is not in ppcoind, though it exists in bitcoin. Also exists in peerunity. confused as to what we should be running here?

-externalip and -bind are not in ppcoind though are in bitcoin

No ppcoind externalip and bind in codebase

Bitcoin externalip and bind

peerunity externalip and bind


I cannot unlock my PPCoin Wallet in my raspberry pi 3. I installed peerbox and ran the ppcoin wallet using “sudo systemctl start ppcoin-qt@pi.service”

I am able to unlock it in my Windows PC.

I followed the “walletpassphrase password 999999999 true”, but it says that the wallet passphrase entered was incorrect.
I know my password is correct, I’ve checked it many times.

What should I do?
Btw, my password is 50 letters long. including special characters !@$, numbers, uppercase, lowercase.
What might be the problem?


does it include spaces? try putting it in simple (’) and double brackets (").