How to: Peerbox Support Thread (Updated to v0.6.1)


Perhaps it does, wait and see.

[testers needed] Peercoin Debian repository

Peerbox is now obsoleted by StakeBox.

Please use this thread to write list of features you’d like to see with StakeBox and we’ll slowly start implementing it.

Update #14: The Peercoin Team Partners with StakeBox (A Pi Supply Brand) to Deliver a Secure StakeBox for Minting Peercoins. Pre-Order Today!

Will updates for the Peerbox software continue to come out for a bit?


No, sorry I have no time to do the upkeep any further.


Hi @peerchemist @Sentinelrv,

replacing peerbox with stakebox is ok and some would call it evolution or next step in the growth process of the network. So far so good.

But what about the existing community of peerbox users? What shall they do now in your opinion? Hopefully your answer is not buying the same hardware as most of the community already owns, just to get a secure OS with a script which downloads and installs peercoin. I hope the secure OS will also be available to those not buying a new Pi and already participating the network?

#248, just help yourself with it


Why not mention where to download the rpi image so that peerbox users can flash the stakebox image themselves?


This is what exactly what I meant. Just put a sentence below the post or somewhere in the announcement saying that existing peerbox users can download and install the os image at link XYZ and everything’s fine.

But the way it was done sounded a bit like “if you further want to be part of it you have to buy that box”.


But why would you think otherwise? :slight_smile:

I’ll write a guide on when I get some time.