How to install peercoin from source

I know how to install bitcoin from source and I was also able to install peerunity from source. But know with the merge, i need to install peercoin. I also want to do it from source.

I tried it like I did it with peerunity:

Compile the Peercoin daemon (peerunityd)

$ cd ~/peercoin-0.6.3/src
$ make -f makefile.unix

Compile the Peercoin Wallet Client

$ cd ~/peercoin-0.6.3
$ qmake
$ make

But now I can’t start it with ./peerunity because there is no such file. There is only a bitcoin-qt file which confuses me and can’t be started because “An instant of Bitcoin is already running”.

Is this progress? There is no documentation.

There is vagrant build for 061

and 062

The 061 documentation is available

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Thank you linalouise. Followed the instruction of the github docu and there is now a peercoin-qt file to start the client :slight_smile: