How to grow the Peercoin community?

The Peercoin community is too small nowadays. Peercoin needs to grow the community. I propose to give 1 PPC for every newbie of the Peercoin forum (subscribed on Telegram and Twitter too). I am ready to donate 100 PPC on this giveaway program. What do you think about it? What would you propose how to grow the Peercoin community?

The problem is airdrops, is that they have historically been for projects that do not have an effective method of distributing their coins. Remember, PoW is the most economically fair and competitive model for distributing coins because all participants have to compete and must sell off a portion of what they mine on the open market, giving retail (non miners) a chance to purchase the coin. Peercoin has been distributing for over seven years now with PoW being the primary vehicle for this. While back in the old days, Peercoin/Bitcoin/Litecoin had faucets as a way to give out a tiny bit to participants, ICOs made airdrops seem like they are normal, although ICOs were following extremely abnormal models. If we hand out 100 PPC, it will be 100 people saying “Give it to me. Give it to me.” They will receive it, dump it and leave. Communities grow because of mutual interest over a certain topic. I think the sentiment is good, but history says it just isn’t a strategy that works. It is still a bear market, and there are very few people left, and growth will be slow until macro bullish sentiment returns. Until then, my goal has been to lay down the framework for future growth which is something that is taking a long time. Articles, documentation, stuff like that in preparation for dev talent is so important to think of for the future.


There’s a saying, “If you wish to catch a butterfly, first you must build a garden for it to land on.”

Just the fact that you are here means you are helping out the community. Don’t fret if we don’t have a million people here yet. Have to wait for the bear market to end for people to start bumrushing in once more.