How to get OSX running in a virtual machine on a pc?

Hey guys.

I just installed a bunch of operating systems in virtual boxes. I’m going to use them to make step by step tutorials with pictures that are operating system specific about how to do random dumb crap (see the stuff I’ve already written).

I installed linux distros because I want to do tutorials about how to compile wallets from source. I figured the easiest way to do it would be to work through a fresh install and take note of every step that I take in the process. Then realized these fresh OS installs could have applications for different tutorials that I could potentially write.

One operating system that I would really like to be able to write tutorials for is OSX.

But I’m not having much luck getting that one to run. That’s probably because I have I a PC.

An HP Pavilion DV6, to be specific. It has an AMD processor :frowning:

Has anyone ever had any luck trying to do what I’m trying to do?

Can anyone suggest some other solution for writing tutorials for a mac without owning one?

What kind of tutorials do you guys wanna see me write? Do you know of any good places to research these types of writings?