How to determine a transaction is POS transaction or not

Hello there, as far as i can see cryptoid block explorer shows a transaction is minting reward in transaction query. Are they determine this from a transactions raw data with comparing sender and receiver? or is it included somewhere in raw data ? Thank you in advance.

I think you’re asking how the block explorer knows whether a transaction is a coinstake (minting) transaction or not. These transactions are an integral part of the minting process. It is very easy for cryptoid to tell which transaction is the coinstake transaction for the block just by looking at the way the block is formed.

Yes i was asking that, i understand it but how they check a block’s way of form ? I mean what are the differences between pow block and pos block, are they checking 2nd transaction of block ?

In PoW there is just the coinbase transaction, I assume you understand how cryptoid can find that transaction. In PoS, there is also the coinstake transaction, which contains the minting output. Before the minter broadcasts a block, they must sign the block using the signature of the coinstake transaction. The coinstake transaction is used in the process of finding the PoS block, so it’s straightforward for the explorer to see it.

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