How To Decrypt My Wallet?

I can’t figure it out :frowning: Google came up with nothing. Any help guys?

I don’t think you can! You can however change the password easily from the menu options provided you know the original.

If having an unencrypted wallet is a must, then I imagine you could download the peercoin client on a different computer and send your coins to that wallet.

Although, as I imagine everyone on this forum would advise you, having a wallet with no form of encryption is definitely not recommended!

Here’s the relevent part

At the moment you can only do that by the command line. The following command will do it:

walletpassphrase <passphrase> <timeout> [mintonly]


ppcoind.exe walletpassphrase <passphrase> 9999999 true

Where is the passphrase you used to encrypt the wallet. And the 99999999 is however many seconds you want it unlocked for.

Not sure if this applies to Peercoin, but other altcoins have a command walletpassphrasechange so they’re might be a similar one for peercoin.

To check that you can try

ppcoind.exe help