How to change where block data is stored on Win 10

Hello Everyone,

I built a new computer just to store wallets. The C: drive is a small SSD basically just running windows 10, but I have large D: and E: Drives just for storing wallets. Most Wallets you can select where the wallet data and Block chain are stored. But have a couple like PPC that will not let me choose. The basic files start in D: but then it creates the rest in the typical /Appdata/roaming/ on the C: Drive.

Any help would be great as this is frustrating not being able to set this up correctly.

I found info for windows 7 but windows 10 does not give you “target directory” or any way to “dir” when viewing property settings.


run with -datadir=X:\Peercoin

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you have to edit the properties of the shortcut, not the exe, there you can change the target and add -datadir=s:\jkdsldfj

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Thanks for the reply, That explains why I was having some trouble since I wasn’t using a shortcut I was just launching the .exe directly. I now have a shortcut and see the target. I tried adding that info and been playing with it. But it never creates a folder. So I also tried moving the folder from the “roaming folder” to the other drive. All I get when I click the shortcut now is “Specified Data Directory does not exist”

Is there anyway I can see an exact screen shot of someone that has this working? Or at least the exact property field in the target? Doesn’t matter what drive as long as its not the C: Drive. This way I can see it 100% how it needs to read. I feel like I am still missing something and I am sure this would help many others.


Nope, Still getting the error “the name specified in the target box is not valid.” I have everything exactly as shown in the target box.

Only difference is the Start in, I have all wallets in D: Most work perfect and the install even prompts where you want the data files. Peer does not and I feel like I am spinning my wheels trying to figure this out. Really wanted to keep this coin but if I can’t figure this out I need to dump it.

Thanks for any help and those that have tried to so far!

i think you have put it inside the " " , it should be outside
like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Peercoin\peercoin-qt.exe" -datadir=g:\peercoin

Awesome! Yes you are correct!

I was making it as one thinking it all had to be in there. I had to play with it a bit since its all in D: then the actual folders plus Peercoin files. After that all works perfect!

Thanks you so much that was very helpful info!

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