How to buy PPC and XPM by CreditCard or PayPal or other?


Sorry for so stupid question but i have problem.

I want buy some ppc and xpm coins (btc-e for example) and when i try by mastercard when i type the code there is error.

What is the best way to buy PPC and XPM by:


Or other method. Problem is cuz i want to buy it fast not like wait 2-5 days.

Thanks for any help!

P.S i don´t want to buy on forums… ( to much scammers)

If you have any instructions please post here.

Fastest possible way, that I know of, using a credit card:

[ol][li]Sign up for an account at Vault of Satoshi ([/li]
[li]Provide documents requested so your account can be verified[/li]
[li]Wait for verification[/li]
[li]Advise VoS of an incoming wire transfer[/li]
[li]Go to your bank[/li]
[li]Using your MasterCard, take a cash advance in the amount you want to invest[/li]
[li]Deposit cash advance in your checking account[/li]
[li]Ask your bank to process a wire transfer in the amount you want to deposit (this will cost $30-45, plus $15 on VoS’s side, on top of your deposit amount)[/li]
[li](wait 4 hours to 36 hours, depending on how fast the WT takes for deposit to process)[/li]
[li]Funds are deposited in your VoS account[/li]
[li]Purchase cryptocurrency[/li][/ol]

As always, investing is a risk, and I’d like to advise you to understand the dangers of buying an investment from a leveraged position. Only put into the game what you know you can afford to lose, plus whatever interest may accrue until you can pay off the debt.

Thanks for answer.

And what is the best way to buy PPC? including BTC or LTC? is it easy and fast to change BTC/PPC?

i have 5BTC and can i change them to PPC? faster than by CC or Bank Transfer?

If you have BTC, you should be able to buy PPC quickly.

Through Vault of Satoshi, you’d need an account (I think verified, but not positive, if you’re just bringing in BTC), and once that was set up there’s a BTC deposit address tied to your account – you use this to transfer BTC from your wallet to the exchange.

Like anything, transfer time varies depending upon how long it takes to get to 6 confirmations.

From there, you can create an ask order for what you want for your BTC, in USD, and once they sell, you’ll have funds to buy PPC.

After you’ve bought what you need, you can withdraw it from VoS and send it to your wallet address.

  1. You can buy bitcoin with various ways here:

  2. after you bought the bitcoings you go to and trade them with ppc

All that today it took me about half an hour…

Forget about buying PPC and so on. Also forget PayPal. Due to the charge back Option, many alerts will stay away or overprice it.

I suggest you buy BTC from for example and then send them to your btce account and trade for whatever you want.

You are welcome :wink:

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Just an example (never tried but looks simple): go to one of the payment sites sich as okpay or, fund you account with whatever option, fund your crypto trading account (such as btc-e ) and buy coins. You have to check on fees and had better start small.

Thanks so much!

gonna try with this local bitcoin.