How to add more workers on YPOOL?

I got one worker set up on ypool, it’s a quad core xeon.I have 2 others I want to add. How do I add them? after I register as another worker on and try to launch the miner it says incorrect password or username. do I have to name them something like XPM_1 and XPM_2? Is there something special I need to do to have all of my xeon machines mining under my account? and if so will they all be credited to my wallet registered on ypool or do I need to install the wallet on all the computers?. Sorry I’m a newb, I haven’t been able to find any info on the proper way to do this. Thanks!

  1. On the left of ypool in the menu, click on WORKERS to expand the section. Then click on > Workers.
  2. In the workername field of the Create Worker section enter a unqiue worker name.
  3. In the password field of the Create Worker section enter a password.
  4. Click Create Worker.

If using jhPrimeminer, the format of the command to pass the username or password would be similiar to

jhPrimeMiner.exe -o -xpt -u <username>.<workername> -p <password>

For example, if your ypool username is charlie and your workername is homecomputer and you put the password icecream you would end up with the following command:

jhPrimeMiner.exe -o -xpt -u charlie.homecomputer -p icecream

I don’t think you need the -xpt bit.

Yup, leave the -xpt out.

awesome thanks! I got it all sorted out I had an x that needed to be deleted and it’s good now, one thing though on my miner.bat file it looks like this:
jhPrimeminer-T16v2.exe and then my name and password and some numbers and dashes. nothing about everything seems to be working fine and my XPM count is going up on the site, it just looks different on that file. Does that matter or is it just the version of the miner I have maybe?
Also, forgive me if this is not the right place to ask but I’m curious I have 5 Xeon machines,2 with 2 processors and 3 with 2 processors with 2 cores on each. Is there anything I need to do to maximize the mining? should I run a bunch of hyper-v machines on those or something or just run one instance on each machine? I read somewhere that turning off hyper-threading speeds things up. right now i’m just doing trial and error to see which machines and what settings work the best. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit. Sorry for all the noobness…and thanks for the help!


take a look in the howto section of ypool.
Click on XPM and there you’ll see an example for your miner.bat