How many primecoins?

I can’t find the answer to this anywhere, on any threads on ppcointalk or bitcointalk, and the primecoin site is not developed

how many primecoins will there be? is there a cap on it or is it like ppcoin where there is no cap
also wanting to find more stats on how many coins in first year, etc

cheers for any help

there is no

static const int64 MAX_MONEY = ??? ;

in the code and it looks like as the reward drops as the hashrate increases per block i would say it behaves like PPC and there is currently no cap on the total number of coins that will be in circulation… though i could be wrong… anyone confirm this?


thanks Fuzzy
tbh that was what i was thinking, I know Sunny seems to like no caps
but he also likes building sites with little to no information lol

like ppc site and primecoin ‘site’

be nice to have some figures to work with, like coins in first 6 months, year, 5 years etc

XPM inflates right now with about 600 coins per hour as every minute a block gets mined. But the more people start mining it and the better the mining algorithms get, the more lower the rewards per block will be and the more valuable the coins will become.

Right now the XPM inflation is higher than the one of Litecoin but I expect it soon to reach PPC levels. PPC has the lowest inflation rate of all serious altcoins.

thanks human for input, and welcome to forum

No fixed cap. Block pay is 999/(difficulty)**2. This means scarcity is regulated by Moore’s Law.

At current difficulty level annual production is around 5~6 million.