How Green is Bitcoin?

Wonder if these guys have heard of proof of stake?

Not exactly a good video, nearly a scammy one. It ignores that if BTC supplants Paypal and Credit Cards, it would rise drastically in value and so mining would be much more profitable. Many more people would mine, and then the consumption probably would be higher than 100 MW.

A good argument for PPC :wink:

I wonder just how energy efficient proof of stake is in its current iteration? It seems to me that trying to generate a stake block under PPC currently slams my CPU into full power consumption. Sure it’s less power than running 3x GPUs but it’s the same as if I were mining a CPU only coin like Onecoin. I think there needs to be a change where each stake miner can only try once every ten minutes or so to generate a stake block. This attempt would be broadcast to the network and if two attempts were made too close together the network would block that address from being able to generate a block for some length of time. Is something like this possible?

If you see cpu utilization at 100% it likely is not minting stakes. Stake minter only uses 1 thread, so if all your cores are occupied it must be due to something else. Make sure your didn’t accidentally set gen=1 in configuration.