How do I create a multi signature wallet?

How do I create a multi signature wallet? Who can guide me in detail? Thank you.

This would be my starting place.

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I transfer to the multi signature address. How can I not see the balance in wallet?
multisig addr : pT6eneJV3capur57VBZqqWBNsEHqkNy3C5




That’s right, multisig addresses are not indexed and showed by the wallet.

How can we use this money?

What’s wrong with this? How do I operate it?

Help me see what the problem is.

Who can make an example in detail?

I’ll type up the guide for that on tomorrow.

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As a bandaid, you can use this:

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success . thanks

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I’ve expanded the multisig docs quite a bit:


At first glance, it’s really not that difficult, but I dived into the documentation and changed my mind. I would rather give a task of this kind to perform here

I’ll look at making a video guide in the future. Probably easier to learn visually.