How do I buy peercoins straight up?

I’m new to this whole thing and would like to buy a small amount of coins to get started. Problem is that I live in the US so every site I come across says I’m not welcome to buy the coins with cash/credit/paypal, whatever. Now i have seen videos that say you have to first buy btc and then convert it to some other crap before finally converting that other crap to peercoins, with transaction fees at every step. I don’t mind getting raped once but 3 times is a bit much for me to handle, lol. I signed up for Cryptsy as they deal in us dollars and allow you to buy direct, only to find out that $200 is the minimum cash deposit. I don’t want to buy that many.

So my question is simple, is there an easier way?? I do have the option, since I live in NYC, to visit a BTC ATM and buy those and then convert them to peercoins, but it’s still 3 transaction fees. Anyone know anyway to safely buy them direct? Perhaps there is an ATM in my area that sells ppc as well that I’m unaware of? Thanks in advance.

Ya i allready visted them all. None excepts bank transfers or creditcards from US accounts except one, but they have a $200 minimum deposit. So no luck. Ill just have to got to a bitcoin atm in the city and do it with cash.

Get some bitcoins and change them on Shapeshift or BTC-E. It’s the fastest and easiest way.

Yup, ill do that thir the atm hrre in nyc

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Nice, thank you. Just what I was looking for.

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I’m using Gemini now and is working very well. Though they don’t support debit cards yet, they do take US Bank transfers at a very low fee.