How did you find out about Peercoin?

Hey people,

It’s not a secret that this community could use some growth and maybe we can learn some things from this thread.

How did you find out about Peercoin?

I’ll start:
It was about 2013 and I had a couple of Bitmain Antminer U2 laying around. I went on Coinwarz, entered all the data and found Peercoin to be quite profitable to mine.
Later on I found the Peercoin on Raspberry Pi give away and things have spiraled out of control from there.
In summation, having SHA256 PoW distribution was the advertising that got me here.



The first date I heard the name of the peercoin was 2015, I saw the peercoin again by chance in January 2021, I was really surprised that it was at rank 800 after reviewing the website, community and Github


In 2021, I went to CMC was researching early adopters for crypto. I saw peercoin was active. With nice green website. I started with peercoin net reading about blockchain university. I was hooked for fair launch and fair distribution. I know usdt was scam which was launch in 2018. So I strated avoid all crypto trading heavy into usdt and researching crypto that are not involved with usdt. I saw very less volume for peercoin in usdt. So it was obvious choice for me to buy ppc and then I learn how to mint coin on my desktop with less power and computing skills. Self custody, self destructive of fees are key in peercoin, disadvantageous to hash powerhouse are few of best properties of peercoin.


When Peercoin was still nr 5 on CMC lol


I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 from a political forum. It was around $30 at the time. Rather than investing in Bitcoin though, I researched its competitors to see if any advances had been made.

Eventually I found ppcoin as it was called at the time and realized it was Bitcoin’s direct competitor due to the fact Proof of Stake was invented for it. Why would anyone need to use Bitcoin if a green alternative already existed was my thinking.

So I started buying and got highly involved in the community. I helped push for the name change from ppcoin to Peercoin, managed the contest which led to Peercoin’s original logo, the gold double P. As time went on I started managing Peercoin’s social media, helped with our website redesign, and created content like Peercoin University.

I’m still certain that Peercoin is the only cryptocurrency that stands a chance at competing with Bitcoin. It has the perfect message and directly attacks Bitcoin’s weakness on energy usage. It is also code compatible with Bitcoin, allowing it to act as a true drop-in replacement at any time. We need to do the necessary work to bring more awareness to these facts.


My earliest post on here (or, rather, the old forum) was 2014, but I can’t remember what brought me. I remember reading SK/SN’s white paper. The Forum was friendly, and sounded like people working together on something specific, as opposed to other coin forums where random people shared jokes or had arguments, and the developers/leaders resided elsewhere.

I do remember Sunny’s comments on creating a crypto backbone currency, similar to gold, as I was going through a gold-bug phase at the time. Although I did not quite understand it, I knew it was a more profound vision than creating the fastest transaction time, highest privacy, easiest to shop with, etc. ideas that were associated with bitcoin, litecoin, etc.


Btc-e, but i remember coming to the forum back when it had the chatbox at the top and chatting with pillow, asking all sorts of questions about how it worked. I basically became an expert in pos overnight by absorbing everything i could from that chatbox, it was fun. I always saw Peercoin as like a direct offspring to Bitcoin, and heir to the throne.


I learned about peercoin on the /g/ technology board on 4chan when it used to trade for pennies on the dollar.

I think PPC will be noticed again by the market at some point, in a big way. Or, it just might be the cryptocurrency that is the last one standing.

Until then, I’m happy to be minting while I wait.


Saw the announcement post on bitcointalk, but didn’t pay it much mind at first (I’ll admit because of the original PPCoin name). Then I remember there was a promotion going on for like 10 ppc if you setup a mintbox or something. Had a spare Pi and set it up. Later committed a batch script and got another 7 ppc for that which was neat.

Fast forward…
Sold and walked away from crypto for a couple years after btc-e closed down and the bitlicense went into effect in NY. When I got back into crypto I was looking at what projects were still standing that I knew about and saw genuine value in and here we are.


January 2022 I decided it was time for me to see what all this cryptocurrency stuff is all about. After skimming over google I learned that basically there is PoW or PoS cryptos. For obvious reasons I liked the idea of PoS and I google “first PoS cryptocurrency” and found PeerCoin. I’ve always believed that Pioneers in any industry have a massive advantage and copycats struggle to catch up. I must admit that I asked some stupid questions in the discord channel and I perhaps annoyed the team a little (heaps). After some heated conversations and being slapped into shape from Peerchemist, I realised that I was very very lucky to have found Peercoin before experiencing the “Wild West” of Crypto. To my surprise, the more I learned about the software the more I appreciated how it was designed in every way to be sustainable. Most importantly it is the excellent morals of the community that align with my family and business life that keep me so enthusiastic about PeerCoins’ long future. Although I’m not a dev, I do appreciate all the work that has been put in before I arrived and I want to add whatever I can when I can. Good Project. (BTW I’m not a bot lol)


during covid lockdown I was introduce to Peercoin due to crypto hype may be in 2020-2021.


Around 2013, it was somewhere under $6. I impressed by the economic design and the POW/POS innovation.