Helping the Homeless and Fighting Hunger with Primecoin

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that Sean’s Outpost is officially accepting Primecoin for donations now.

Thanks to everyone in the Primecoin community who has been supportive of what we do. If you aren’t familiar with us, we are a homeless outreach in Pensacola, FL that has fed almost 15,000 meals all purchased with crypto currency.

Today, we also announced that we have purchased a 9 acre parcel of land that will be know from now on as “Satoshi Forest” it is a Homeless Sanctuary, organic farm, and base of operations for all of our "bitHouse construction projects. Our mortgage is paid in BTC directly. Not exchanged to USD. So PRIMECOIN donations will b used in this manner as well.

Vitalik did a wonderful article for BitcoinMagazine on us today…

2.5 Primecoin = 1 Meal for a homeless person
1300 Primecoin = 1 Months Mortgage Payment on Satoshi Forest
17,000 Primecoin = Builds one “bitHouse” that will provide homes to 2 homeless people.

Thanks so much. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Jason King
Sean’s Outpost


Include lines in between the different coins, for the donators do not choose the address of the neighbor coin.


I did a refresh of your site, but no lines there.

You could also delete the space between the coin name and corresponding address. Or you could put the address in the same line as the coin name. But make a better separation.