Hi all I have a doubt in my computer has a processor
Core 2 Q9550 looked in comparison tables me he would give me 0.756 chains / d
more on rpool miner in this scoring 0.03 chains / d

to connect the pool I use this command line:

primeminer_x64.exe -poolport=8336 -pooluser=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -poolpassword=0 -genproclimit=4

I have to write something else?
I use only complementing Windows 7 64-bit and xolominer v 0.8c

It might say it should be getting .756 9-chains/day, but 0.03 is 10-chains/day.

Are you sure? based on the response that I get here I will decide if I will buy a more modern computer or a bitcoin miner

I appreciate your response I’ll post the data as it appears on my pc:

[MASTER] received work [STATS] 09.01.2014 00:58:21 | 1062 primes / s, 17262 tests / s
300 5-chains / h 0.034 chains / d

what do you think of these numbers? me an answer as soon as possible.

All of the CPU comparison charts online are based on the difficulty being in the 9 range. Now that difficulty is at 10, the stats are way down. The miner stats you see have nothing to do with the pool you’re mining, only the CPU and current difficulty.

You know that rpool is scam ?

Just take a look at the last few posts in the rpool thread.