Help with decrypting my wallet

Right…so I have a wallet that I totally forgot about. I think I know the password, it’s basically 2 words separated by a character on the end of each. Unfortunately I can’t remember the 2 separating characters, or which way the words are… So i’m looking to use john the ripper as that’s 10’000 or so combinations. But firstly I need to know if this is useable with a peercoin wallet, but also, how to run ppcoind?

I have peercoin qt running on mac osx

Getting community support to hack and crack a wallet, even for legitimate purposes, is socially taboo.

Quite simply, there are evil people trolling forums looking for this type of “how to” information. So asking in public and answering in public is a terrible idea.

What I can do is tell you this:

If you are the one that created your own passphrase, often habitual behavior will allow you to find it. I speak from experience.

When I first password protected my first wallet, when I was new to cryptocurrency, I forgot the password. I had a worse problem, I thought it might be 5 or 6 variations of words, in a variety of formats. When I tried every variation I could think of, I failed.

I began doing what you did - looking on public forums on the best way to “brute force” my own wallet file. I was quickly met with opposition (or scammers willing to do it for me).

I finally went back to the keyboard, and just spent 30 solid minutes of trying various combinations of any thing I may have used, in various forms. I finally got it.

I don’t know how many combinations you’ve tried manually, but human habits die hard. Don’t give up until a full hour has passed, and keep calm and don’t get discouraged. Brute forcing the “manual way” worked for me. Just wanted to share my experience.

Good luck.

I have an Issue also. My password contains ! and $ symbols. I can’t unlock the wallet I think this maybe the reason. Is this a known bug or have I just written the password down wrong?

The passphrase is something like this [not actually this]…


oh and I’m using PPCoin v0.4.0ppc-beta



OK, so I’ve tried it on a separate computer and wallet and it works fine so the issue must be that I’ve made a passphrase error. Here come the sleepless nights!!!


I am such an IDIOT sometimes!!!

I really need to learn how to spell. I’ve cracked it by the way :slight_smile:

Thanks to ppcman for his post above.