Help with .dat

Hi I’m just installing a new peercoin wallet on a new pc… I would like to upload my wallet.dat file to the new wallet but cannot find a way to do this. I cannot find the wallet.dat file on the pc to replace with the one from the flash drive (my backup) help please

If you’re on windows, use a file explorer and navigate to %appdata%, then find the Peercoin folder.

thanks for getting back, I tried that and could not find wallet.dat

Did you find the folder?

i can find the peercoin folder but not where the wallet.dat doc is located

wallet.dat goes in the %APPDATA%\Peercoin folder (or you can specify your own location with -datadir=X:\some\where)
idk why there is no wallet.dat, it should create one when the client starts… but you have your wallet from backup still so you can just put it in the folder and it should work?
(note, %APPDATA%\Peercoin should be in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Peercoin\ it is not in the program dir (C:\Program Files\Peercoin\)

maybe you have to start the client first time still? than it creates the datadir and the wallet

It is a hidden folder on Windows. You must go in the settings and choose to show hidden folders.

thank you for helping I have made hidden folders visible. in my usb flash drive I have a wallet.dat but I cannot find where the corresponding wallet.dat file is to replace… in the src folder there are 4 x wallet files, wallet.cpp wallet.h walletdbb.cpp and walletdb.h ?? any ideas

Those are source files, thats the wrong folder. You’re sure you are looking in AppData\Roaming?

i cant believe its this difficult , ive tried to search for appdata\roaming and cannot find anything.

just type %APPDATA% and hit enter in a file explorer, it will take you there