Help Nominate Sunny King for the Proof of Honor Reward for PPC & XPM

Check this out:

Help nominate Sunny King for the reward. All you need to do is make one post on that thread in favor of Sunny.

Already done :slight_smile:

Created an account and done :).

I had to laugh at this from the nomination thread…

“+1 Sunny King. If Satoshi is the Crypto God, then Sunny King is crypto Jesus.”


My vote goes to Sunny King as well. He creates PoS, which has been the most advanced leap from PoW. Check out how many clones of PoS and you will see the significance.

Sunny was probably the first to make it to the voting round (Dec 2014)

Niice! Good job!

When is the second round?

[quote=“Thireus, post:8, topic:3071”]Niice! Good job!

When is the second round?[/quote]

From the website November is the nomination phase, December is the voting phase.

my vote Sunny King