Hello! We are Blockmines! PPC Block Explorer/Network Stats Page!

Hello fellow Peercoiners and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

Today we are excited to announce our latest contribution to the Peercoin ecosystem: https://Peercoin.BlockMines.com.

With Block Mines, you can:

  • Monitor network information
  • Review currencies statistics
  • Explore the block chain
  • Mine on our PPLNS stratum pool

We believe that Peercoin serves the crypto currency community as a “back bone” with a stable coin value, highly security, energy efficient blockchain, and great long term store of value.

In an effort to provide as much support and transparency in the cryptocurrency market, BlockMines is donating 5% of our pool fees collected to the future development of Peercoin and Peercoin.net.

We hope you enjoy using Block Mines as much as we enjoyed building it.

If you have any questions, comments, or feature suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at team@blockmines.com

The Block Mines Crew

Site looks very well done. Will definitely be using. Good work.

Thank you. We appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. We added two new pages to the site today:

This will allow for full transparency of how much we are donating and where it goes.

We plan to keep developing and updating the site weekly. Let us know if you have any particular request.


Block Mines Team

Love this site and the constant development seen here, sent PM to OP to hint to some projects on peer4commit, but an API would be nice for Peercoin

Keep up the excellent work


Interesting, have weiboed in Chinese:

Hey guys,

We’ve just pushed a new update.

Graphs, Graphs, and more Graphs.

  • Proof of Work Transactions
  • Proof of Work Volume
  • Proof of Stake Transactions
  • Proof of Stake Volume
  • Network Hashrate
  • Network Difficulty
  • Miner Revenue (From POW)
  • Cost per Transaction


We’ve got a bunch more things lined up, let us know what you’d like to see!

The Block Mines Crew