Hello! Quick question

Hello all! Just wanted to send out a hello to the community. Bitcoin has been all the talk lately, but I’ve been a bit turned off by Bitcoins flaws. So I’ve been searching for a crypto-currency that is a bit better, and Peercoin sparked my interest. This is my first time really getting into a crypto-currency, so I figured I’d start with something more future-proof.

I have yet to actually get a Peercoin… Not as easy as I’d hoped to swap USD for PPC…

My question is, how difficult is it to swap PPC for USD? My overall hope is that PPC gets widely accepted, and I’ll be able to use it for buying or trading online… but in the case I would want to withdraw my PPC in exchange for USD… Would I just use “Vault of Satoshi” or something similar to sell my PPC?

Sorry for the newb question… Thanks, can’t wait to see what the future holds for PPC!

Yes, you would sell your peercoins on an exchange like Vault of Satoshi, then withdraw the funds. The procedure is outlined on the VOS support page: https://vaultofsatoshi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200849327-How-can-I-receive-the-money-that-I-would-like-to-withdraw-from-my-account-

[i]If the amount is under $1,000 we will be sending you a cheque if the amount is over $1,000 we will be doing a wire transfer.

If the amount is over $1,000 we will need your bank account information to wire the funds too.[/i]

Hope that helps.