Hello Peercoin, we are Btc38 from china

Hello everyone, we are Btc38 from china.
One of the largest Altcoin exchange, our english sites opened, http://en.btc38.com

Hello PPC, you are a superstar among all the altcoin.
Hoping you can keep it and let more and more people know.

Any news about PPC, please send me a copy. thanks

email: btc38.business@foxmail.com
support email: support@mail.btc38.com
Skype: btc38.com

btc38.com is one of the major digital-currency exchange sites of China. It supports many digital coins (BTC LTC PPC PTS…), and remains the highest trading volume on PTS (Bitshare PTS) around the world.

Hope more exchange sites are going to support PPC.