Hello peercoin community

hello all, im glad to be here. im new in here… hope peercoin fly to da moon

Hello wiser. I am new here too.

I think PPCoin will be successful (and also fly to the moon!)

Proof of work is proving to be dead due to centralization.

Welcome, Wiser with Woodstock. W was wonderful, without which we wield wholly weak words. :))

Wiser w/ Woodstock welcomed with W whimsical, wise words where wordplay was wonderfully whispered wishing, wanting wonderful wealth wholly when welcoming wwwwwwww…Peercoin! :wink:

Welcome w… All ;D

hey there - kingscrown from fuk.io here :slight_smile:

greetings, wiser!

Welcome Wiser, I’m new here too.



New here too, welcome !

Hello I’m new also. I started a PPC mining pool just a few days ago at www.lcdpool.us and am hoping for some wonderful people to join the pool. The pool fee is just .5%.
A little about myself:

I have wanted to make a pool for some time now, but until two days ago it was just a thought. I lost my job of 7 years and decided to make the pool a reality.

If you have questions just shoot me an email


Hello Everyone!

Hello all! glad to be on board.

Weclome I’m new as well.

Hello, I’m representing Exco.in innovative cryptocurrency exchange and we have included Peercoin as one of our trading pairs. We have deliberately few trading pairs so that all the coins represented are high quality. We feel Peercoin into the category of innovative.

Hi guys. How’s it hangin’?

Hello to everyone! We’re running cryptocurrency exchange 247exchange.com. Last month we added Peercoin support. On our site you can easily buy, sell, exchange Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Hello there. Welcome

Hell all I am going to post something that is potentially interesting to you all. look out for my next post