Hello, is Peercoin the same as Primecoin?

Hi, i started my first mining adventure yesterday and i have no idea what’s going on. is Peercoin the same as Primecoin?

I am using Primecoin version: v0.1.2xpm-beta

I have had my Primecoin running nearly 24 hours now, it’s saying it’s still catching up? It started at 119 weeks behind, now it’s a 110 weeks behind, but it’s running considerably slower than what it was when i first started with the same amount of connections. Yesterday in the beginning i was clearing 5000 blocks every 7 minutes, now i am only clearing 210 blocks every 7 minutes, and considering i have 1,090,000 blocks still to clear before it’s caught up, i calculate that to take roughly 25 days at the current speed it’s chewing through blocks.

Also, is that why the wallet is not synced yet? Is this normal?

I am just using CPU to mine, i did have an average of 15 connections, but now down to 11.

Thanks in advance!

Peercoin and primecoin are 2 seperate coins :wink:

Primecoin is a coin that finds prime numbers as part of its hashing process while peercoin is a proof of stake/proof of work hybrid intended as a backbone network.

From what i understand the primecoin wallet has a lot of problems regarding stablity and performance the best way to overcome this is to restart the client every hour or so, this should cut down the time it takes to sync considerably.

primecoin has a one minute block time so you have a lot of blocks to download. a fast computer will help because downloading the blockchain entails a lot of local database updating.

you can mine on cpu but gpus are much faster.

Be careful
Peercoin is PPC
Primecoin is XPM