Heartbleed Vulnerability bug

Can anyone indicate how, if at all, this affects Peercoin?

Here you go, RobertLloyd.

Topic: OpenSSL fix for PPC 0.4?

A patch has already been issued, and is waiting for Sunny to review and merge. It’s not a big deal for a vast majority of Peercoin users (see ppcman’s post in the linked thread for a detailed description of what is happening and how it could affect a user).

This heartbleed bug reminds of Bitcoin ransom but I think this is more serious and dangerous than any other malware infections. Keep your Bitcoin wallets protected guys; it is advisable to keep your password long and unique. Encrypt it, always!

Repository is updated. According to bitcoin annoucement, impact should be limited to using the windows client in daemon/server mode while enabling rpc ssl connection. v0.4.0 linux build is not affected.