Haven't Received My Peercoins?!

Hi there,

I am new to Peercoin and decided to purchase. Therefore I downloaded the Peerunity wallet. I downloaded the zip file and opened peerunity.exe.

I purchased 24 peercoins on litbit.eu and correctly copied and pasted my wallet address. A few hours have passed and I still have not received my coins.

Is there anything I can do at this moment to fix the issue?

how many blocks have you synched so far?

Approximately 82%

until you get to 100% you won’t get the block with transaction that sends tour coins to your address, give it some time.

Sounds quite obvious, guess I was just panicking. Thanks!

no problem, welcome to the community)

I can not see my PPC on my wallet http://clip2net.com/s/3KbBDWI
Transaction completed !
What could be the reason?

Is the wallet fully synced?

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try to rescan your wallet or export wallet.dat and reinstall your wallet.

There is something written on their website: LiteBit is experiencing high traffic and is processing a lot of orders. We are doing everything we can to process your order as quickly as possible. Thank you for understanding.

At me so nothing poluchaetsja! Coins on the balance sheet, there is no purse :frowning: Tell me what else can I do?

Export the wallet.dat and completely remove the wallet from the computer. Then reinstall it and import the wallet.dat .
Or install a wallet on another Computer and import wallet.dat .

So last night I exchanged $63 worth of btc for 31ppc. The deal seemed to have gone through on changer, and the transaction shows as completed.

Despite the transaction being completed, after 10 hours, my peercoin wallet still remains at 0.0.

I’ve tried restoring my wallet several times and it keeps showing up as zero funds. I’m so confused. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you post a screen shot of the network monitor? Are you connected to any peers? Please swipe to the right and check which block height you’re at.
Also check Settings->Trusted Servers if at least one of the servers has a green bar on the right side.

pinging @MatthewLM nonetheless.

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Sorry, I’m just an idiot. I kept closing out of the app and opening it back, but I found out that that stopped the process of loading the blocks so I pretty much just kept restarted the process. Had to sit through and watch it get fully synced to the blockchain in about 15 minutes and have successfully retrieved the 31.5ppc.


Downloading of blocks at 87% when an error interrupted it. what shall I do?

What happened after you restarted your client?

In other PC the file downloaded successfully. The problem is the PPC that sent to me is for the address on this file with error. until now I have no chance to see my PPC.