Have a Raspberry Pi? Earn 10 PPC by running a Peercoin node

If you’re new to Peercoin, a great way to get started and earn some coins is by setting up a Peercoin node on a Raspberry Pi. There is a full guide to help you out, and you will receive a 10 PPC tip as a reward. Head over to this thread for more details: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2800.0

thanks for sharing the info. I have an extra rpi around. 8)

Currently in process, didn’t expect the 3 hour install but it’s all good.

what a great idea. il get one up in the next week or so.

For those that don’t want to run a Pi dedicated to this project alone, Raspberry Pi 2 is out with significant hardware upgrades. That said, I am running my node on a Pi model B (NOT B+) and can still have it run a torrent seed box for example, without issues. PPC node is as lightweight as they come.

does peercoin even need more nodes? it has a large number of nodes when compared in proportion with the marketcap, compared to Bitcoin.

more nodes is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

I was wondering that myself. I am monitoring traffic generated by my node and right now I am averaging about 80-100MB per day. Not very much, and this amount can only go down with more nodes. Never a bad thing to have more nodes.