Has anyone found a block today?

I’m hearing more and more people in various chats saying they haven’t found a block in the last 24-36 hours. I know there are 2 threads on bitcointalk with bounties for GPU miners to use on Primecoin, is it possible this has happened and they are taking all of the blocks?

I did, and it is my first block ;D ;D ;D
Took me 28 hours to get 12 coins.

Yeah, I got my second block today, about an hour ago.

It paid out 12.34XPM vs. the 12.38XPM I got for my first block on the 19th.

Thanks for your replies. I’ve looked back through ypool to get a rough estimate of blocks per day: 7/15: ~5300, 7/16: ~4900, 7/17: ~3900, 7/18: ~4200, 7/19: ~4600, 7/20: ~4300. The seeming ‘slowdown’ in personal finds doesn’t correlate with an excessive amount of block finds as you’d expect from GPUs being added, or does the difficulty rise faster on primecoin vs bitcoin? Either way, this is a very unique coin and I like helping find new chains. Since I first started out helping find Mersenne primes, it would be very neat if someone could figure out a ‘mersennecoin’ so more people could earn while helping projects like these.

Haven’t found a block in a couple days now.

With the rate of blocks found lowering everyday I am actually starting to wonder if joining a pool is a good idea or not… Probably is good.

I might give it a try and see how much coins can you get in a week.

I found another block last night, so I’m happy :slight_smile:

Happy days :wink:
I mined another one last night as well, well chuffed with it ;D
Keep that mining flowing!

Haven’t found anything this week. I will keep mining for another week. If there is still nothing, and no GPU miner materializes I might look into pooled mining or just give up.

I started mining 4 hours after the release of Primecoin. It has been fun. And takes up too much time :wink:

Mikael has had a bug in his release which caused to have in fact difficulty 10 :o . Go back to HP5 to avoid this bug until hp8 is released

Seriously? >:(

Yes, Read page 65 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?PHPSESSID=jn11k7bejef7gm26cbten6cca7&topic=255782.1280

No blocks in 3 days using sunnys version :’(

Nothing wrong with sunnys version… I think you may be underestimating the amount of processors hashing away at this chain…

I have 6 computer (they not amazing but 2 get 3000 + PPS) I have been running pretty much 24/7 one hour since coin launch… now I point all my miners at here http://ypool.net/news.php and since maybe 1 week of mining i have earnt 0.8XPM … 0.3 confirmed 0.5 unconfirmed… and I not found a block myself for weeks now and by pool earnings I would need to mine for another 11 weeks at current difficulty to hit a block myself… just saying!!

Again special mention to both Sunny King for developing such an awesome use of the blockchain… sheer adoption is full credit to the quality of your idea and development and deployment … off on a tangent, but sunny has improved on satoshi’s original idea and “the people” seem to like it :slight_smile:

I was impressed with NothingG’s first PPC pool, and sad to see him drop off the radar :frowning: but serious hats off to testix and jh00 for there excellent work on their primecoin pool :slight_smile: thank you and please keep up the excellent work.

I haven’t found a block in days and somehow managed to get two today 8)

HP8 has been released, which should double the blockrate (mikaelh says so). No blocks for me till now. I´m wondering if it´s important to use the performance tweaks such as sievesieze and sievepercentage. Didn´t use it, but got very very few blocks the last days ( I think two this week with about 25k pps)


I found my first block a few hours ago. Between 11 and 12 coins. I have mined for about 4 and a half days.

Configuration as follows:

  • 2-4 Cores about 3.4 GHz
  • primecoin-0.1.1-hp6

7 days now without finding a block using a 6 core cpu, anyone else facing the same problem? :frowning:

see my post here http://www.ppcointalk.org/index.php?topic=373.msg2829;topicseen#msg2829


Hi Fuzzy, I seen that before, but still I find it strange, last week I found 3 blocks, then for 7 days I don’t find anything. I know difficulty went up but jeez that’s quite a bit from 3 blocks to none in a week.

The way the price of the coins is going down I dunno if its worth having the pc flat out all week only to get a coin a week pool, or none at all solo, I understand it must be hard but I think its very hard right now for only cpu power.