Handle cold strorage transactions

When I handle cold strorage transactions in bitcoin I do it this way:

  • When I make transactions from cold storage to hot wallet with bitcoin I use http://offlinewallet.appspot.com/

  • When I have generated the online part of the transaction I use http://brainwallet.org/ to convert the text to base64.

  • I then use http://goqr.me/ to generate a QR code and scan this with a barcode scanner on my offline computer.

  • On my offline computer I now convert base64 back to text and sign the transaction with my private key.

  • After signing I convert to base64, generate a QR code and scan it with another barcode scanner on my online computer.

  • Now I have a signed transaction on the online computer and the private key has not been exposed to the online computer.

This process is very safe, but not very practical. Non computer savy people can also trust this since there is no contact between the two computers during this process. It would be great if someone made a http://offlinewallet.appspot.com/ that converted (between text and base64) and displayed QR codes on the fly. Such a sevice would benefit Peercoin immensely! Put the project up on http://tip4commit.com/ and I will donate :slight_smile:

Any updates on this process? I’m doing the exact same thing for Bitcoin but using my spare phone/tablet as the offline ‘computer’. Just need to find a way to do this with peercoin. :slight_smile:

I’m just installing Bitcoin Armory Wallet the offline version, which will simply the process for you. I’m looking for something same with Peercoin. Adding Peercoin to Armory would be the best solution I think, but I remember reading something about AltCoins not being top priority for them.