Guide To Cloud Mining Darkcoin

Hello Everyone,
I’m here to release a new cloud mining guide for you guys. These guides are great for getting started with bash programming, mining crypto currencies, and making some money along with all that.

These guides work on Digital Ocean cloud servers. Right now if you sign up and spend $25 with my referral link here: I will give you guys $10 back to your paypal - equivalent to a 40% discount! Send me a PM after you spend the $25 to receive your $10 back and I’ll tell you how to get proof!

Create Droplet - choose Ubuntu 13.10 x64
it is recommended to create one with 4 or 8 VCPUs, they usually give most speed/hashes.
login via ssh (use putty) with your vps login details
Download Putty from the website, the login details will be emailed to you, you just have to enter IP, username is always root and copy and paste the password from the email and you’re in.
execute the following commands (copy and paste) right-click in putty too paste:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential m4 libssl-dev libdb+±dev libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev git automake libcurl4-openssl-dev
git clone
cd darkcoin-cpuminer-1.2c
chmod a+x
apt-get install screen
./minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet address -p x
To see the status of your miner go here and look after your wallet address on Local Workers
When you mine on p2pool like this one you can set manual difficulty
If you wish to manually control your pseudo-share difficulty outside of the range provided by the dynamic system you can do the following:
Darkcoin Address+0.00000116 x Hash Rate in KHash

For example for my R9 270x I use:
200 x 0.00000116 = 0.000232

The following are suggested targets for various hash rates if you want to grab one quickly:

KHash/s Difficulty
50 +0.00005821
100 +0.00011641
250 +0.00029103
500 +0.00058207
750 +0.00087310
1000 +0.00116414
Please note
• P2Pool payments can take up to 24 hours to ramp up after you start mining, please wait this long before seeking assistance
• Payouts require that you solve at least one share of difficulty greater than the P2Pool share target per day.
• Decreasing intensity can help your stale rates massively, and will improve your payouts in most cases.
• You will notice an increased stale rate in your miner compared to a traditional pool, this is normal and expected behaviour for P2Pool (~5-10%)
If you mining on mpos pool:
Change the pool address too the pool you are using, if you are using an mpos pool, please create an account and make a worker in the ‘My Workers’ menu and change the command accordingly.
./minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp://pool address:port -u worker username -p worker password
Once the miner is running, it should look something like this :

use CTRL A D to get out of the screen session.
Make sure you do this as your miner will be closed when you exit Putty!
You can now close Putty after the screen session was returned too the beginning root terminal.
When logging back again use “screen -r” to restore session and view progress.
Useful commands that might come in handy :
ls : lists the files/folders in an directory
cd : change directory

Thanks for reading this guys!