Gridcoin, PoR/PoW Hybrid that makes contributions to scientific research

So I found this new coin that uses your gpu/cpu to earn coins by helping cure Cancer, Aids, or an number of other causes. It looks pretty cool, from there website:

Gridcoin (Ticker: GRC) is a decentralized, open source math-based digital asset (crypto-currency). It performs transactions peer-to-peer cryptographically without the need for a central issuing authority. It is the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which can be virtually any kind of distributed computing process (ASIC/GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc). Gridcoin provides benefits to humanity through contributions to scientific research. It is the only crypto-currency that rewards individuals for BOINC contributions without the need for a central authority to distribute rewards.

Looks like 100 GRC is worth about 1 PPC at the moment, give or take. If you have an old CPU that’s sitting around doing nothing why not plug it in, help make the world better, and make a few coins. :stuck_out_tongue: You can visit there website here :