Gridcoin and Curecoin

Gridcoin has started for a while and Curecoin should start soon. I know nothing else of them other than they somehow work with BOINC

What do you think about them? I am really intrigued by the idea as i was with Primecoin. How does those coins mean for Primecoin?

And if you checked them which one do you think is more secure or has better future? Thanks

They resemble devcoin more than they resemble primecoin in my opinion. Basically portions of minting does not come from proof-of-work, thus susceptible to abuse (counterfeit) or dependent on the trust of central issuer.

Riecoin sounds much closer to primecoin but we shall see when it’s algorithm is disclosed to public.

What’s the deal with Datacoin? A Primecoin fork? Who made it? Is it legit and does it actually store data? Seems like a good idea. If it is legit, does the amount of coins transacted indicate storage?

I would’ve made a new post but I am new and either don’t know how or don’t have access, forgive me.