Dear supporters of ppcoin project,

First I’d like to thank FuzzyBear for his hard work of hosting this nice forum. As you know that bitcointalk’s altcoin forum is getting very crowded these days with different altcoins it becomes more and more difficult to follow ppcoin threads there. So as we gain more popularity I will begin to visit this forum more often.

As you probably already know, that we are among the very few cryptocurrency projects that actually attempt at real innovations, rather than just cloning bitcoin and making some small tweaks. I believe the future of cryptocurrency to be a very competitive market, with multiple major currencies of different designs. We are still a fairly young project, most people still don’t know about our innovations and cannot distinguish us from all the clone altcoins. This is where our supporters can join forces and help the community grow, by raising awareness in the cryptocurrency market about the benefit of continued innovation in this field and the need to support real innovations.

I would like to also thank our supporters for your personal encouragements to me, it means a lot to me. We must remember what the cryptocurrency movement represents to humanity, a return of monetary power back to the free market, an upgraded guard of private property, one of the pillars of human civilization. Armed with this new advancement, liberty now has a better chance. I am so happy there are people out there sharing the same view with me, so that I know I am not alone walking the path, and together we will gain more courage, help each other, and make the history.

Welcome to the forum!

Glad to see you here, Sunny. I’m a believer in the ppcoin project and your continued presence in the crypto-currency community is one of the main reasons for that.

Hi everyone and to Sunny of course,
I love ppcoin and consider top 3 with bitcoin, litecoin
nothing else is in same league

one really important thing I think needs to be done and would take 2 minutes to change the link,
on the site, the link to forums, the pencil logo I think takes you to the bitcointalk forum and alt crypt currencies

that definitely needs to be redirected here as new people may just get lost in the sea of crud like bbqcoin etc lol

look forward to being an active member here

Hi Sunny and all!

I am glad to be a part of the community and to support the network. I’m also proud to be an early adopter of the official forum and hope to contribute in any way possible!

Sunny, it is great to see you on here. It reaffirms you are active in the community and are dedicated to the development of ppcoin. Stay true to your mission, as long as we can keep greed and malicious behavior out of the network, ppcoin truly does have a chance to change the way the entire world views the transfer of currency.

Beating down the tax man is always a plus too :wink:

[quote=“Guido, post:3, topic:72”]one really important thing I think needs to be done and would take 2 minutes to change the link,
on the site, the link to forums, the pencil logo I think takes you to the bitcointalk forum and alt crypt currencies

that definitely needs to be redirected here as new people may just get lost in the sea of crud like bbqcoin etc lol[/quote]

I second this. That alt-forum is quickly becoming a sea of garbage. I think we should separate ourselves from it.

Sunny and Chris (from PPCoin Exchange)- Will either of you be at the bitcoin conference this weekend? I would like to chat about PPC development.

Anybody else with a primary PPC interest attending the conference? We could grab a drink at the Loft Bar and Bistro on Saturday… or meet up at a nearby hotel bar.


Any ideas when check-pointing will be phased out?

Any ideas when check-pointing will be phased out?

Hopefully not before an client (android please) with cold-locked wallet feature is released.

Hi devels and community out there :slight_smile:
I like the logics behind PPC protocol, compliments! Time will prove us right

PPCoin is one of the very few (if not only) coin that actually brings something new and valuable (that is, proof of stake with the associated inflation).

I bet there are plenty of venture capitalists out there that feel they have missed the boat on Bitcoin and would very likely get behind the second most promising alternative coin out there. I believe PPCoin is the second most promising due to having the third largest market cap in the alt-coin universe, and most importantly as a result of actually bringing something more than just trivial changes to the table (and having the creative developer who came up with them behind the coin).

One question comes to mind though: why does/did Sunny King wasted precious time and development resources for Primecoin which does not actually come with many technological improvements (yes, those prime numbers might be useful, but I’m talking about the changes to the main Bitcoin trunk: just replacing the proof-of-work algorithm with another one that is supposedly more useful)??

It’s a brilliant strategy! What would really help further this goal along though is creating one website for both Peercoin and Primecoin. We already have a merged community here, but not everyone that owns ppc and xpm visits this forum. The main websites for both coins still need to be rebuilt. Rather than rebuilding two websites for each coin, it may be a better idea to build a merged website to help promote both coins at the same time. The forum could link to this community. It’s just an idea, not sure how it could be done, but I think it might be the best way of further merging the two communities and gaining awareness for ppc.

@Excelsior: I hope you’re right. What struck me as odd was that Primecoin improved on the proof-of-work thing, while the main selling point of PPC was that proof-of-work is bad and is to be discarded. My personal wish is that Sunny will spend more time on PPC and less on Primecoin. And that he will get some VC funding. It’s not hard. He just needs to make some contacts. There’s so much money sloshing around that you have to literally hide in a cave not to be hit by it if you appear as someone that has an idea with a lot of potential.

As for the name, I would say do not worry. I speak English with a high level of proficiency and yet “pee pee” never registered with me as something that is ridiculous. That is because I do not hail from the specific countries and/or neighborhoods where it actually means something (I suspect the same is true for most of the English speaking people). Also, don’t forget that products create brands and not the other way around. Had Google chosen another name, now the domain would likely not be registered and would sound like a ridiculous name choice for a company. If PPC gains traction, the name will be just a funny thing for some people that would likely add to the appeal.

As I can’t find a ‘Welcome’ thread - Thought I would say ‘Hi’ to everyone in PPCoin and thanks to Sunny for creating PPC in the first place!

New convert here, found out about PPCoin a couple of weeks ago and switched my Avalon over to the D7 pool for a week. The fundamentals look good for PPCoin - I was always a bit skeptical of why LTC should exist really as it didn’t seem to add anything or solve any of Bitcoins problems so I’m glad I’ve found PPC (plus it is SHA-256 and I think 2014 could be a good year with more interest from hobby miners switching over as BTC diff. continues to rise!).

Anyway, hopefully I can add something to the community. My coding skills are a little rusty but I might have to dust them off for PPC :slight_smile:


This is a great Forum, lots for a newbie like me to take in