Great time buying Nushares w/PPC at great rates


In a time where Peercoin is dropping might be nice to change those precious Peercoins into some NuShares at great rates.

Right now available below market rates in PPC only on CCEDK in case someone wants to buy Nushares making value with the upcomer and future boost NuShares only at its early birth right now.

For instance on NSR/PPC pair:

3.6 Million Nushares on sell wall - go there now

Available on NSR/BTC pair:

8 Million NuShares on sell wall - go there now on

167 BTC worth of Nushares on buy wall as well

And dont forget to take a look on our NSR/NBT pair as well, as you might a good match here as well


Ronny Boesing
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