Grandma Service - PPC

At my company, we are all about ‘grandma service’ with our clients. If you were explaining something technical to your grandma:

  • You wouldn’t use difficult technical jargon
  • You wouldn’t get frustrated because she didn’t understand it
  • You would show familiar pictures to get a point across
  • You would create analogies that make sense in her world
  • You would show enthusiasm for teaching her something new

Whether it’s in the new website or upcoming videos, friendly icons that link to explainations or even a separate project, I’d love to see grandma service applied to explaining PPC. As PPC starts to move past the hardcore crypto enthusiasts, we need to make sure that ‘joe user’ can explain to their spouse in 30 seconds why investing in this coin was more important than dropping it back into savings. It’s tough, no doubt.

i dont know if it would be that simple, i found out it is pretty hard to explain all this to people who have had a pretty decent life in the current economy , and it doesnt matter enthusiastic you are, they dont really get it or see the need for change, yeah they must be blind or something… but i also understand, because they have lived 50+ or 100+ years using the old system, and the new system is only 5 years

Great points! I agree about the old system comments I’m just suggesting that for those that are interested in learning about it, we create an avenue that would allow my mom to ‘get it’. Once a payment processor comes on board with PPC, merchant adoption will follow suit. When that happens, the demographic changes drastically. I’ve been following the blog of “Life on Bitcoin” and they’re brought up similar challenges talking with merchants.

I believe the best way to teach is to do it in steps:

First, you have to identify your target audience: If you target audience is already bitcoin users, it will be different than for someone who doesn’t yet even understand what a bitcoin is, and why it is useful.

Personally, from my experience, trying to explain ppc to your grandma is a complete waste of time. If someone hasn’t grown up using computers, then trying to teach them is like trying to teach them a new language. The most you can get them to do would be to learn to use email. Going beyond that is pretty pointless, as they just don’t understand how to store files, and keep things secure, let alone remember and keep safe strong passwords, etc.

It is too much for the majority of them to try to learn a new system, let alone trust it enough to place their financial resources into. The old generation, tends to stick with what is tried and true.

Believe me, it is not worth the effort to try to explain it to grandma. Better would be to concentrate on explaining it to at least basic computer-savvy individuals. People need not be experts in computer science, but people must at least have working knowledge of how to store files safely on a computer, how to navigate, use passwords, usb devices, etc.

Each lesson should concentrate on teaching an aspect that is important and relevant to someone (i.e. protecting their money and having personal control and possession of it)

Then explain how PPC is able to do that. It has to stay on topic and relative, to the point.

Valid points! I don’t actually mean your grandma, here’s a good example:

We need to find creative ways to explain the coin to Joe User. People love human interest pieces, this is a great way to spread the message to more mainstream outlets that would otherwise ignore us.