Gmaxwell and XPM block headers

both primecoin ([u]ginormous multikilobit primes in the headers[/u]) and peercoin (can validate blocks without a nearly complete unpruned transaction index) break spv pretty badly.
and repeated same argument few more times elsewhere. Quite sad that respected BTC dev make his judgements w/o checking the sources nor asking coin dev :) I haven't seen [b]primeorigin[/b] longer than 400 bits [i][correct please][/i] so there are no [b]bnPrimeChainMultiplier[/b]s longer than 150 bits, hard to call it [u]"ginormous"[/u]. The issue with [b]SPV[/b] isn't prime size[i][yet][/i] but variable size of the multiplier.

To note that even great guys can be wrong and to check things using various sources :slight_smile:[sub]pls excuse my english[/sub]