Giveaway PPC via reposting weibo

The Chinese PPC community will launch a ppc giveaway through weibo repost.
A programmer developed a tool that can do the giveaway automatically.

Rule is simple:

  1. Follow Chinese community PPC weibo:
  2. Repost this weibo ( with your ppc address.

Total repost is targeted at 600.
First 100 reposts will gain 0.4 ppc
101-300 reposts will gain 0.3 ppc
301-600 reposts will gain 0.2 ppc.

Identical ID and ppc address will be filtered out.

Scheduled to start at 9AM 15th Oct, Beijing Time. ( GMT+8:00)

Will post link here tomorrow.

Actually, we will provide a link to download ppc wallet.
Will super3 give us a feedback on the download count?

tx happending now:

well that’s interesting.

The giveaway was somehow attacked by void “reposts”. We will have a summary tomorrow.

Weibo followers increased from 360 to 409.

The giveaway was attacked by weibo Zombie accounts. It’s suspected that quite a number of zombie accounts were manipulated to attack the giveaway. These accounts deleted their reposts almost instantly after doing so. Luckily these reposts were considered invalid by the giveaway tool.

Some 160 reposts received their coins and the weibo got 27k impressions.
Cost is 100 coins, including tips to the developer of the giveaway tool.

Sounds like a good outcome. Free money still works.
Congrats with the results of your give-away. Hope they stick around.