Github for has now moved


I just wanted to announce that with super3 and peerchemist’s help the repository for our dear website has now been moved under the Github Peercoin group

If you want to suggest any changes, pulls, issues or fixes for please use the new Github repo found here:

I also updated the links to Github in our resources header so that they point to the Peercoin group

As always if there’s any issues let us know.



As an addition, all of our current developers have now made themselves public on the main Peercoin group.

We should point the peer4commit project to the new github url. I believe I can update this just waiting for the distributions to go before making any changes.


@super3 also mentioned that (tip4commit and peer4commit). If you can make those changes then great :stuck_out_tongue:.

There’s also a “peercoin_website_old” project listed on peer4commit which could probably be merged with the new site.