Github branching model

With the release of Peercoin v0.6, a new branching model has been adopted in our Github repository.

Finding the latest official release hasn’t been changed though:

I will add this info to the README on github for future reference.
But I post it here first for feedback and review.


develop (all pull requests should go here)

The develop branch is used by developers to merge their newly implemented features to.
Pull requests should always be made to this branch (except for critical fixes), and could possibly break the code.
The develop branch is therefore unstable and not guaranteed to work on any system.

master (only updated by group members)

The master branch get’s updates from tested states of the develop branch.
Therefore, the master branch should contain functional but experimental code.
This means that the master branch will receive more frequent updates than was the case before.

release-* (the official releases)

The release branch is identified by it’s major and minor version number e.g. release-0.6.
The official release tags are always made on a release branch.
Release branches will typically branch from or merge tested code from the master branch to freeze the code for release.
Only critical patches can be applied through pull requests directly on this branch, all non critical features should follow the standard path through develop -> master -> release-*