Getting Private Keys out of Android app

I can’t for the life of me find a post on this or any info.

I want to get my private keys from my android app (so that I can mint on my desktop without killing my coinage). The Backup wallet function requires you to encrypt it, and I cannot see another way to view or copy my private keys, and I cannot find a way to import the encrypted wallet into the peercoinunity desktop app. Is there a way that anyone knows to grab the keys from the android App or back it up in such a way that I can import the keys into the peercoin unity desktop app.

Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, but I could not find it.

Thanks in andvance.

Hi peritonlogon,

Which Android app?

“Which Android app?”

The Matthew Mitchell peercoin wallet.

[quote=“peritonlogon, post:3, topic:3202”]“Which Android app?”

The Matthew Mitchell peercoin wallet.[/quote]

There you go:

Matthew Mitchell’s app is just a fork and adaptation of this well-known Bitcoin Android Wallet app. So normally by following those instructions and replacing the word Bitcoin by Peercoin you should be able to retrieve your private key. Otherwise you can still raise an issue on Matthew Mitchell’s github page and ask him to implement this feature:

Thanks a lot Therius for your help

It looks like this solves it for my Linux machine but my Windows box requires more exploration to get Openssl working.