Getting Peercoin out of cold storage


I have some Peercoin in cold storage and I would like to retrieve it and move it to an exchange to use the funds.

The problem is that I don’t know how to get my PPC off the paper wallet and back to an exchange.

I have an iPhone and there doesn’t appear to be any good PPC wallet that would allow me to sweep the paper wallet. I have Peerunity wallet on my desktop, but I can’t see how to get the contents of my paper wallet into that Peerunity wallet.

Any help would be appreciated!

In Peerunity go do debug console.
In there type: importprivkey <your_private_key>
Wait till it completes and you should see the coins.


or you can use cointoolkit to create transaction and send it directly to exchange:

go to

enter WIF key from your paper wallet, load inputs, enter exchange address, enter right amount, generate, sign and broadcast.



Thanks! I’ll try that

Very nice! I did not know you had forked that project :slight_smile:

I tried to generate a transaction, but it showed an error message after I clicked “generate” saying that either the outputs or inputs were invalid.

I only inserted payment and address information on the “outputs” tab. Was I supposed to do anything on the “inputs” tab also?


so, you’ve entered your WIF key and pressed “Load” button, what happened then?

After pressing “load” it populates the “transaction fee” field with the ENTIRE BALANCE of the paper wallet and it is impossible to overwrite with a smaller number.

This looks like a scam to me.

This seems like the safest method, but when I type:

“importprivkey myprivatekey”

I see this error message:

Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code - 13)

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? The private key has 51 characters.

The fee is automatically calculated. It is the input minus the output.

You can manually enter the inputs or provide an address, click LOAD and they will be populated with the utxos of that address.

I use it, it works and, obviously, it is not a scam, you can just review the page source.

It means your wallet is locked, unlock it first.

Thanks for your reply. When you use it does the “transaction fee” populate with the entire balance of the paper wallet? Is there any way to change that?

Txn fee is calculated in such way, sum of inputs minus sum of outputs, that is to say as soon as you add output to any addresses of any positive amount, transaction fee will reduce.

Don’t worry, creating transaction is only first step, you’ll need to sign your inputs next and only then it will make sense to send transaction to the network.

After clicking “broadcast” I see error:

Txid: There was an error. Check your console.

And the button below is spinning and says “loading, please wait”

how much of a transaction fee did you specify? it can’t be zero.

At the first step of the process it seems that I cannot manually overwrite the “transaction fee” or the identity (if known) fields.

Your outputs should total your inputs minus the fee (0.01 ppc). So if the input is 10 ppc and you want to send 6 ppc to someone, the change amount should be 3.99 ppc. This will automatically cause the fee to be 0.01 ppc.

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For future users of this, if you want to empty the contents of the paper wallet completely, you should only withdraw all but 0.01 PPC and that will become the transaction fee.

After clicking “broadcast” the button says “loading, please wait” and is spinning for at least 10 minutes now.

Is this normal?

How long until the funds will arrive in the destination wallet?

FYI after about 20-30 minutes of loading the funds arrived at the destination wallet.

Thanks to everyone for the advice, comments and suggestions. Much appreciated.

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If it has shown you transaction id, that is done, you just have to wait until enough blocks are produced to get confirmations up to the number your exchange requires before crediting your account.

you can always check with explorer using your old or new address.