FX 8350 0.8 Prime chains?

8 core FX 8350

[STATS] 2013-12-07 17:59:52 | 1938 primes/s, 30908 tests/s, 540 5-chains/h, 0.854 chains/d

Why so few what’s the problem ?

The FX-8350 has 8 cores and with its clock it should be faster, but I bet the Piledriver architecture is the problem. The FX-8350 exists of 4 Piledriver modules, which share e.g. L2 cache. I’m not 100% sure about the architectural relation between Piledriver and Bulldozer, but a Bulldozer module has 2 integer clusters which share the fetch/decode stage. That could be a more limiting factor than the shared L2 cache.
If you want a fast AMD CPU, try to get a Phenom II X6 with a reasonable high clock.
…but although I don’t want to support Intel, a high-end Core I7 is way faster…

I am getting about 3100 p/s (xolominer) on mine with a crappy motherboard- you probably overheating something and it is throttling.

make sure you use most recent v0.8 miner and x86_64 system, x86 is much slower
u might also want to try -O3 flag when compiling the miner

ertuna16, you resolved your problem? How many chains per day do you have now?