From Selling Music to Trading Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and NXT

Within 25 years Ronny Boesing distributed and published CDs, DVDs, games and other digital media all over the world, in over 65 countries on five continents.

"We would like in future to interact with the communities connected to each crypto coin listed on CCEDK, in order to create awareness of CCEDK, especially when it comes to exchange Crypto >< FIAT says Ronny Boesing"

BLOKHUS, DK, DANMARK, August 18, 2014 / – Today, he runs CCEDK: the first Danish online exchange for digital currencies such as Bitcoin and NXT, as well as a range of others including Peercoin and Litecoin.

“It might seem like a big jump, but the difference isn’t really that great,’” says 48-year-old Boesing in an interview. ‘I am a pioneer in spirit, and all my life I have made my income getting out there to the rest of the world, in places and countries no one else thought profitable, trying to sell a product. The product might be different each time; the whole world, however, is still my little playground,’” he remarks, a glint in his eye.

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