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There is a clear link from to this forum. However, there is no obvious link from this Forum back to the website

There is, at the top of the Forum, a Peercoin PPC/Primecoin XPM logo - but this links straight back to the Forum, which is self-defeating. If possible, it would be much better to use this logo to link to the website. This is important to unify the two sites and show one “identity”

This will also help people who have found the Forum by using web search engines, but who might have missed Also, there are other “peercoin” sites out there which do not appear to be the “official” version. That is not to say they are not good, independent sites, but the Forum needs to identify the right one

I will look into this, not sure I can / want to use the forum logo to link, but there is room for a link somewhere definitely.

Many thanks for the suggestion

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Here is a possible means of linking with

On the Sexcoin forum, the first forum category is a direct link to their main website:

Maybe that would work for

Incidentally, I don’t normally visit Sexcoin. In fact, I had even never heard of it, until I mentioned it just now

I agree with the need to have better integration with But I like the current link under the logo as it would bring me back to the homepage (with chat, and ticker).

Your proposal to have the first forum topic as a link to would help.
But maybe a better place is in the menu, news section or the ticker. Ideally it would be a bit more visible (e.g. large front/ logo)

Just ideas as I don’t know much about forum boards and simple ways of adding stuff.

Has anyone spotted the links to at the very top and very bottom of the forum pages? I had, but I don’t think they are prominent enough

Noticed the one at the bottom, where did you find the top one?

If you go near the top of the page, click and drag across the screen with the mouse, you will see it highlighted at the very top

I was thinking someone might want to knock up a banner for the space and link at top and bottom of forum? Will be a few PPC in it :slight_smile: