Forum password mess

Hi, something strange happened to the forum.

As I noticed there are two domains pointing to that forum. Are there 2 backends?

Domain and … I always thought it is the same, but I have two different passwords on that domains!!!

Case 1: My bookmark points to > I enter my saved password, lets call it “abc123d” > I get redirected to and get the message “incorrect password” > I enter again “abc123d” and I’m logged in with success.

Case 2: I come to and know I changed my password to “xyz789v” recently, I enter it and > I get redirected to and get the message “incorrect password”, the password is working on the redirected domain, I go back to and enter my old, reset password “abc123d” > It works! Wtf?

Hey sorry for your issues you have experience on the domain change. Reading your post it seems as though you are only logging in using “abc123d” password successfully. So any change to passwords you may have done might not have worked in the past is what I am thinking happened.

There is only 1 backend forum. There are several domains all pointing to the same ip but only one SMF instance running on the server and in that forum the domain has been changed from to

If you update your bookmark to be peercointalk then everything should be fine. log in using “abc123d” password, and you should be able to change the password on the domain peercointalk.

Any further problems let me know