Forum Comments - Miami Bitcoin Conference

Great place to discuss updates I’m sending from the Miami Bitcoin Conference.

[quote=“JustaBitofTime, post:1, topic:1865”]Update 2

Just finished an interview with Bloomberg on alternate currencies while waiting for my plane. Lots of good Peercoin info.[/quote]

Damn man, doing interviews before you even get on the plane! :smiley:

Do you think there’s any chance you won’t make it because of the plane delays?

I’m excited to see how the weekend goes! So many big names there, glad you’re repping Peercoin.

It’s great that he is there for Peercoin. It proves that we still need at least one representative for these kind of meetings and conferences.
I also liked to see him having an interview even before having arrived at the conference. Making the best out of a bad situation. Hope things will go according to plan from here though.

Go JBT! 8)

I should be leaving Chi to Mia at 11:55… long day

How is it going? Is the first night over?

Great… been updating most of the day, more to come.

You can play Team Fortress for coins (leetcooin)?? I wanna go to a conference some day…

Yes, and earning Peercoins with gaming. A Peercoin Bounty is suddenly something entirely different. Maybe we should move more into this space as it would provide a lot more visibility to a large group of gamers who are not into cryptos. Maybe we can hide a few interesting Peercoin treasures in one of the big online games (e.g. hide the private key of a wallet with a few peercoins). A kind of in-game advertising. Just to get the name Peercoin out there and get people curious. Anyone any contacts in the game development world who might be interested?

Wow never heard of leetcoin before but it’s very interesting.

Good job JBT!

@jbt, any recordings of those speeches? E.g from Litecoin Lee? Always nice to hear what they had to say about Peercoin.

Zipzap would be nice if they add Peercoin. We might get a sharp reduction in current inflation because of the amount of destructed transactions fees we would get if that takes off. But something to think about for later. This would get Peercoin into mainstream cryptos, which is great.

Edit: JetJet13 found recording of Lee’s presentation here: (Peercoin is only mentioned towards the end).

Any pictures?

You bet, I’ll get those uploaded today.