Forum Cleanup

I think there is far too many sections on the forum which makes it difficult to keep track of things. I think it could be cleaned up by merging a number of the sections, my thoughts below

Merge PR + Marketing + Swarm + Social Media, Art/Video
Merge Research, Web Dev, Dev Discussion
Merge Conferences + Activist
Merge Miner/Pool/Exchange + Mining & Pools + Trading and Exchanges
Merge Welcome for newbies + General Discussion - I can see a case for keeping these separate though

We can at a later date split them out again, but I think at this stage with the amount of posts some of them are getting, they don’t warrant their own sections. This would remove 10 sections and make it more manageable.

I support a merge. We’re in a different place than what was needed when we started the re-org.

Oh for sure. Pointless having so many sub forums.

It wasn’t in the beginning… but certainly can be changed now!

Yes, I support this. There are far too many places I have to look for posts and people don’t realize I responded to them sometimes.

I support the idea for sure, except that I would leave Exchanges as a separate board. Getting increased access to Exchanges across the world is one of the top priorities around here at the moment, and I think it would benefit from having a dedicated area that volunpeers can be assigned to.

I support it. It seems that the organization of bitsharestalk looks good. I think the Alt-coins board and sub boards can be omitted. There are not so many bounty task provided, and I think the bounty threads should be dependent on the task so as to get more exposure in the corresponding board, so the bounties boards can also be deleted.

BTW, we can provide more bounty tasks just like Mastercoin, Bitshares, for example provide bounty for logo, font, web design, news letter, essay writing, codes, tool development and so on. Such a bounty or contest can attract many talents and also get exposure for general users.

yup I am aware the forum has got rather messy and confusing… so i’ll look to clean it up and reorganise. I will leave a few redirect posts in some places but again don’t want these to clutter up the forum.


Not trying to rush Fuzzy, but I’m just wondering if some of this will be done before Monday. We’re spread too thin right now with all these boards. We need more focus.

hehe ok this on my todo list for tonight then :slight_smile:

OOO my friday nights are packed full of fun sex and debauchery these days!!


Lol, ok then. Just let us know if you need any help on deciding which boards to merge.

Going off the OP in this thread… though looks like we disbanding the Peercoin Activist section?