For Mass address creation / balance & transactions checking

Hi Peercoiners,

I am trying to get PPC supported on the “localbitcoins”-like site, it has a pretty good customer base here in South America and for now supports BTC, LTC, FTC and NMC. They responded me very kindly and asked me for these services for PPC they need, because they want to offer an escrow service for every cryptocurrency they support:

  • a reliable mass address creation service like
  • a service which allows checking balances and transactions of an address like, capable to check four (4) directions per second, without their servers being blocked.

Do those services exist for PPC?

I know, but I don’t know if it meets the 4-per-second criterion.


I transcribe the original requirement they sent me in Spanish, perhaps it is helpful.

De ahora en adelante, nuestros requisitos para agregar una nueva moneda serán dos: - Que exista alguna forma bien probada de crear direcciones en cantidad. (Un para dicha moneda) - Que exista algún servicio para checkear el balance y transacciones de una dirección, y que dicho servicio nos permita consultar al menos 4 direcciones por segundo sin bloquear nuestros servidores. (Un servicio así como el de

there used to be, but i dont know if that is what you are talking about

Yes, that would be what they need. Is this service dead? Was it part of the old ppcoin website? Would it be possible to add to the new website?

I think such a service - independent from conectarbitcoin - would be very important.

I’m coding up a block explorer for Peercoin at the moment, Fuzzy has one at too.

Mass address creation probably wouldn’t too hard either I’ll have a look at it when I get a chance.

I found now most of the services needed: (It seems not to work properly, perhaps it’s not ready?)

Thanks to all!

@Nox-: When your new block explorer is ready, it would be cool if you could PM me or respond to this thread. Thanks!